Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another Educational and Inspirational Meeting

Dec 11, 2008 Meeting
Summer Shimabukuro and Manny Miles, from Ma’o Farms, gave a wonderfully informative presentation about their attendance to Terra Madres 2008 in Torino Italy. Their presentation addressed four lessons learned from their experiences: Shared Humane Experience, Conviviality and the Sacredness of Food, Critical Times and The Power of Youth. But before they began, they asked all in attendances to speak briefly of about their personal development or awareness of their passion for food. I noted that most everyone commented on the food and the connection to family experiences.

Shared Humane Experience: The Food Movement is BIG! There were approximately 6,000 participants from over 153 countries: farmers, seed protectors, cheese makers, mothers, teacher, and activists. Conviviality and the Sacredness of Food: Passion about and around Food. “Life is sacred. We need food to live. Thus food is sacred.” – Satish Kumar. Satish Kumar related the story of Shiva being a farmer and that the every day acts of growing and eating food are seen as divine. Critical Times: “The modern world has had two major revolutions. The first was the invention of the steam engine. The second was the introduction of electricity. The third will be the Green Revolution.” – Carlo Pettrini.
The Power of Youth: Summer shared the story of Sam Levin, the 15 year old keynote speaker, and how he started a garden at his high school and how “Project Sprout” is spreading worldwide.

In closing they encouraged us all to be thoughtful about your passion for food.

We were also extremely fortunate to have Daniel Anthony speak on kalo (taro) and demonstrate traditional poi pounding. Tasting freshly pounded kalo – pa’i ‘ai - was a revelation and first time experience for some attendees. This was a special opportunity. We hope to have Daniel return for another workshop in the future.

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