Friday, October 30, 2009

Slow Food Cooking Demo Celebrating Hawaiian Red Veal, Heirloom Shell Beans and the Launch of the Slow Food KCC 350 Cookbook Project!

Our first cooking demo of the semester on Saturday, Oct. 24, was a delicious success!

In addition to the demo we participated in the International Day of Climate Action by announcing the launch of our cookbook project featuring 35 versatile and abundant local foods, each to be highlighted in 10 different preparations based on our own recipes and those of our local farmers and people in our community. During the demo we were able to share information about the mission and generate lots of support and excitement from farmers and shoppers while cooking delicious local grass-fed veal from Hawaiian Cattle Producers Cooperative Association and heirloom shell beans from North Shore Farms. Thanks to all the members who volunteered their time!!

[As mentioned at the demo if you would like to share a recipe to possibly be included in the cookbook please email us at]

Here are the Recipes for the dishes we featured on Saturday.. enjoy!

Rustic Hawaiian Red Veal & Heirloom Bean Stew

A simple and comforting soup to help us pretend that it’s autumn…

Makes 10+ Entree Servings


Hawaiian Red Veal, Stew Meat 2 lbs

North Shore Farms Fresh Heirloom Shell Beans 1 lb shelled

Fresh Tomatoes 1 lb

Garlic 5 Cloves, peeled

Fresh Leek 1 whole

Onion, Med 1 whole

White Wine 1 Cup

Kosher Salt To Taste


Parsley, Flat Leaf 1/3 of a bunch

Bay Leaf 2

Rosemary, Fresh 1 sprig

Thyme, Fresh 1 sprig

Peppercorns, whole black ½ tsp

Cheesecloth, moistened 6” x 6” square


Shuck shell beans. Discard pods. Rinse beans. In medium size pot cover beans with water and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and allow beans to soak for 1 hour. Meanwhile mince garlic and clean leeks thoroughly, chopping whites into ½ inch squares and reserving greens. Chop onion and tomatoes about the same size as the leeks. Set aside. Chop veal into bite size chunks then heat a sauté pan until water sizzles on contact. Brown chopped veal quickly on all sides in two to three batches. When veal is browned, deglaze pan with white wine and continue to cook until wine has almost evaporated. Now add garlic, whites of leeks, onion and tomato stirring frequently. Drain beans and add to veal and vegetables. **Add about 2 Qts of water or enough to cover plus about 2 inches. Prepare cheesecloth; wrap leek greens, herbs and peppercorns. Submerge in simmering stew. Simmer gently for 2 hours or until beans are soft and veal is tender. Add kosher salt to taste


Serve with toasted bread rubbed with olive oil and garlic.

**For a slow-cooker, follow procedure up until this point then transfer ingredients to slow-cooker, add water as directed and cook on low for 4 to 8 hours.

Moroccan Style Veal Kefta (Meatballs) with Spicy Harissa Yogurt Sauce

A spicy and versatile preparation as a party appetizer or an innovative burger.

Makes about 35 – 1 oz Meatballs


Hawaiian Red Veal, ground 2 lbs

Onion 1 small

Garlic Cloves 2

Italian flat leaf parsley 2 sprigs including stems

Chinese parsley (cilantro) 2 sprigs including stems

Cumin, ground 2 teaspoons

Coriander 2 teaspoons

Paprika 2 teaspoons

Black Pepper, Ground 1 teaspoon

Olive Oil 2 Tblspns

Eggs, beaten 2 ea

Salt To Taste (about 2 teaspoons kosher)

Directions: In a food processor pulse onion, garlic, parsley and cilantro and spices until finely chopped. Add mixture to veal, mixing well with a spatula or gloved hands then mix in beaten egg. Finally, add salt, mix well and cook off a test meatball to taste for seasoning adjusting if necessary. Roll into meatball or patty shape and brown in a nonstick pan until desired doneness. Serve with Spicy Harissa Yogurt Sauce on pita, couscous or your preferred accompaniment.


Dried red chilies (Japanese or Hawaiian variety) soaked in hot water 10 ea

Sea Salt 1 teaspoon

Garlic cloves 5 ea

Cumin, ground 2 teaspoons

Coriander, ground 2 teaspoons

Olive Oil ¾ Cup

Directions: Drain chilies then blend with other ingredients in food processor until smooth paste adding olive oil at the end in a steady stream.

For Spicy Harissa Yogurt fold 1 Tablespoon (or more depending on spice preference) into 32 oz of plain yogurt. Add 1 tsp cinnamon if desired.

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