Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Slow Food KCC dinner @ Town Restaurant

Mahalo to Chef Edward Kenney for hosting a Slow Food KCC meeting at his restaurant Town! At this meeting, we discussed hosting our first official on-campus meeting. Chef Kenney created a personalized menu just for this meeting. We had a selection of Big Island cured meats, fresh olive oil from Italy, hearts-of-palm, fresh local greens from Oahu, handmade mushroom gnocchi, sustainable free range chicken, Big Island ribeye steak, seasoned fries, and a delicious crepe cake with grapefruit. We will post the minutes soon.

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LYNDE & LEAKE said...

This was an amazing experience. The Chef and his staff provided remarkable insight into the world of "Slow Food." The presentations were clean and real food. No masking, no covering, just real unadulterated food. The flavors, textures and colors were a perfect balance. I am proud to be the faculty/chef advisor for the student membership and look forward to many new adventures with everyone as we discover a new way of living through "Slow Food." Chef Leake