Monday, January 26, 2009

First Meeting of the Semester

Today we thanked our outgoing board members: Sean Congdon - President, Niayana Scott - Secretary and Marcus Asahina - Treasurer for their service last year. We are looking for a volunteer to fill our Treasurer spot on the Board. We reviewed our calendar of proposed events for the semester; starting with this Saturday's Tour of the Farmer's Market Hosted my Ed Kenney chef/owner from the local Slow Food restaurants Town and Downtown. San Shoppell gave an interesting and insightful presentation about her Slow Food summer and Fall. She talked about her summer cooking job on Naushon Island in Massachusetts, attending Slow Food Martha Vineyard's potluck fundraiser that 500 people participated including Michael Pollan, the guest speaker. She also reviewed the events of Slow Food Nation in San Francisco, CA and her internship at Blue Hill at Stone Barns in NY. What an adventure. We shared fresh squeezed citrus-aid and freshly made salsa and corn chips. Yum!

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