Monday, April 19, 2010

Love Your Local Dairy Workshop Pt. 1

Monique Van der Stroom and Sabrina St. Martin are two sisters with a mission: to bring local fresh butter and dairy products back to the island of Oahu. Naked Cow Dairy, the sisters’ venture into the world of artisanal dairy products, makes a huge array of flavored butters as well as a smart selection of tasty cheeses and yogurt all from local milk and cream. On a beautiful Sunday in April, Monique and Sabrina helped a group of Slow Foodies from both our KCC campus chapter and the Oahu chapter learn the intricacies, methods and issues with making our own butter from scratch. Although the day started with a few hiccups (missing keys, weird temperatures, overfilling the churn etc..) we accomplished our goal of transforming 12 gallons of local cream into 40 lbs of freshly churned butter. The sisters transported their butter churning machine and equipment for our use and walked us through churning, washing and beating (!) our butter into delicious submission.. Each participant in the workshop took home a pound of butter some with creative flavorings and we prepared several pounds to adorn local baked potatoes for our Earth Day festivities. There is NOTHING like freshly churned butter. YUM!! Naked Cow Dairy is found at many farmer’s markets in Honolulu including Saturdays at the KCC Farmer’s Market and the Hawaii Kai Farmer’s Market and Wednesdays at the Blaisdell Farmer’s Market.

Next time... cheese making.. we’ll keep you posted...

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