Saturday, April 17, 2010

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Induction Ceremony
Saturday, April 17 - KCC CAMPUS
10am- 5pm
KCC Slow Food members made a wonderful pupu selection for PTK Induction Ceremony. Thanks to Anna, Brandee, Ellka, Erin, Gida, Robert and San for volunteering time to prepare finger-foods for the event. WE made bruschettas with tomatoes and handmade mozzarrella, smoked salmon on brioche with dill oil, horseradish devilish local eggs, and leek, blue cheese, house-made sausage tart to name a few items. This was a great opportunity to practice our craft, skills of menu planning and have some fun together.

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KiyomiS said...

Sounds wonderful! What brand of milk do you use for your mozzarrella? I've used Island's Fresh Milk but results have been inconsistent, and wondered if milk's pasturization temperature might be to blame....?