Thursday, August 5, 2010

Slow Food Summer (so far...) and TERRA MADRE here we come!

It seems like summer came so quickly and is going just as fast! A whirlwind of activity for most of our Slow Food members either taking summer classes or leaving the rock for summer internships and experiences elsewhere. Congratulations to Slow Food KCC members Kumi and Chiharu on tying the knot with the men of their dreams! Congratulations to Anna on getting to Napa for an awesome wine experience and several awesome stages. We've been keeping up with her on her beautiful blog

In more big news San and myself (Gida) have been chosen to represent Hawaii as student delegates for Terra Madre, a week long Slow Food Conference in Torino, Italy this October. We are thrilled to see Italy through Slow Food eyes while having the opportunity to learn, grow and network with delegates from 150 countries and bring back what we learn to our community in Hawaii!
in order to cover travel costs and offset some of the expenses we have begun a campaign to raise money for the trip....Let the FUNDRAISING begin!

So far we have begun the effort by linking up with Slow Art Fridays and hosting a refreshment booth featuring "slow-ade" made with Big-Island meyer lemons and limes and from-scratch frozen yogurt made with local milk and served with artisanal herb syrups.

We will be increasing our fundraising efforts in August with more "lemonade stands" and other events which we'll talk about soon. We appreciate all of the support we've been getting from friends, family and community!!

To donate to our Terra Madre trip please email All help is appreciated!!

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